Saturday, December 4, 2010


We survived the heart-busting onslaught of double Thanksgiving dinners and have coasted our way into December with no major upsets or cold weather snafus.

Now that it's December, however, it seemed like a good time to leave the cool/cold South and head to the cold/frigid North. We're going to Pennsylvania.  We're going to visit my father and pseudo-step-mother in a tiny town in the mountains where, according to, the high tomorrow is 26 degrees and the forecast is for snow.

I spent 5 hours today using a leaf blower to try to clear Nora's parents' massive yard of leaves, and I suspect that tomorrow I'll be wielding a snow shovel.  If not, I'll certainly be wielding a coal shovel, as my father's house uses a coal furnace.  Either way, it's an amazing time we live in, when one can be subjected from one grueling cold-weather chore into a much more grueling, colder-weather chore within 24 hours.

Joyce, the pseudo-step-mother mentioned above, is a great cook and an all around great woman, so I'm looking forward to seeing her as well as my Dad.  Nora's met them both several times before, but she's never made the trip to the wintry North (or summery, for that matter), so this will be an interesting experience.

If everything goes according to plan, we'll be back in time for the end of month holidays (one can never really tell with airports and weather fronts these days).  So fingers crossed on that one.  In the meantime, wherever you are, hope you enjoy your December.

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