Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iceland Recap

Having returned from Iceland 3 1/2 months ago, I thought it time I showed a few of the many delights.

 - fish jerky

- a monument to civil disobedience that stands before their parliament building.

 - blonde jesus!

 - imagine Bjork, but with more squawking and more child's toys used as instruments, and you might begin to understand the awesomeness of Sparkle Poison

 - eating a glacier is good for your health

 - attack of the puffins!

 - this is what about 99% of Icelandic churches look like.

 - breaching humpback whale

 - a restaurant/dairy barn that let you watch where your dairy comes from while you eat it. brilliant.

 - one of thousands of Icelandic waterfalls, doubtless named after some saga hero who murdered some other saga character.

 - baby horse tapas!

 - the blue lagoon

 - Iceland's flag

 - our car, Sylvester the silver fox, who journeyed off road more than any car with that small of an engine and low of an undercarriage has any right to do. 

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