Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mumbai Wrap-Up

winding down our 7th day in Mumbai, and here are my overall thoughts on the city:

there are some cool looking buildings, if you can see them through the smog; there are some neat sights outside the city, if you can manage the crush of bodies on public transit; the food is very good, and cheap in most places; you can get really cheap clothes, too, in both quality and cost, if you don't mind the pushy touts;

it's very noisy, very dirty, and the number of kind people is far outweighed by the number of very rude people.

i've never been anywhere quite like this before, but the annoyances are hardly worth putting up with for the positives.  it's just so difficult to relax here.

overall, except to fly out at the end of our trip, this is one city i've no desire to return to.

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